LatestUltimacy II Episode 4. The Tourist: Ella Reese
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Ella Reese
StarringElla Reese
Seth Gamble
StarringSeth Gamble

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Damned - August Skye

Music can truly awaken the soul, as this beautiful Queen (August Skye) discovers. It leads her to the one man (Seth Gamble) her body desires more than anything. Her only purpose is to passionately take him and make him all hers, no matter what.

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Close - Bryona Ashly

A pink wig-wearing exotic dancer (Bryona Ashly) takes her usual flirting with a customer (Seth Gamble) a bit further than she should. No touching is allowed, but she becomes so turned on from exciting him that she decides to break all of the rules, resulting in pure, raw, devil-may-care fucking.

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Entendre - Melissa Stratton

An aspiring dancer (Melissa Stratton) gracefully practices her ballet moves with such passion that she ignites a flame in the admirer (Seth Gamble), who watches her from the shadows. As her body makes love to the music, the admirer joins her on the floor, where their bodies become one in a dance that needs no words.

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After Dark - Vanna Bardot

A seductive exotic dancer (Vanna Bardot) proves she can mesmerize more than the large constrictor snake she uses for her prop as she captivates a club patron (Seth Gamble). While he falls under her spell, she invites him to the stage, where the moves turn sexually heated, and the dance becomes a fucking show.


Featured Films

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Ultimacy II Episode 4. The Tourist: Ella Reese

A Wisconsin girl (Ella Reese) with a love for fun and adventure, picked California as her vacation destination. While exploring the local sights, she crossed paths with a California guy (Seth Gamble) who was more than happy to join her for a sightseeing adventure in her hotel room.

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Ultimacy II Episode 3. The Rooftop: Daisy Fuentes

An out-of-town guest (Daisy Fuentes) is passing the time while waiting for her friend. She chooses to relax in the rooftop garden with a book, but her attention is drawn to more than just the greenery. She spots a charming guy (Seth Gamble) admiring the view as well. Not one to be reserved, she invites him to join her inside, and they quickly become very familiar with each other.

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Ultimacy II Episode 2. The Farmers Market: Kylie Rocket

After spending hours strolling through outdoor markets, a beautiful woman (Kylie Rocket) realizes she is being followed. Feeling a bit naughty, she decides to play along, allowing her admirer (Seth Gamble) to continue. As she gets to her car, she confronts him with a seductively surprising invitation to join her for a little sexual shopping at her place.

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